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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”Dr. Seuss

Danica Radovanović is a digital media specialist, an Internet researcher, and international consultant in social media.  She has practical and research experience related to: Information and Knowledge management, social media, collaborative Web projects and platforms, R&D, Semantic web/metadata, ePublishing, ICT for education, digital divide and 21st century digital literacies. Danica pioneered the development of first listservs in academia in 90′s, conducted the electronic magazine in 2001, created the first institutional science blog in Balkans, SEE.

Danica has multicultural background; she worked for the United Nations as Information management specialist and coordinator on UN/EU project on technology, web, and science. She was lecturer at the School of Web Journalism, supported by Rising Voices, Berkman Center; also worked for the Wikimedia – Wikimania Program committee organization, Library of Congress – Washington DC, Geisel – USCD, San Diego, among several other similar positions.

She is Alumna of UNC-SILS (Fulbright Scholar) at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and PhD Chevening Scholar of University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute. Danica conducts research (quant. and qual.) on social media use among young adults, digital divide, collaboration and communication practices on the Internet. Also, she is an internet researcher at  Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities.

Besides academic work, Danica writes for the Scientific American blog and Global Voices Online, and was the editor in chief of Australian Science. She publishes articles and papers in magazines and journals on topics including information technology, social media, Web 2.0 and education. She provides consulting and training to both the government and non-government sectors. Interviews with Danica

Digital Serendipities in Southeastern Europe (2011)

ScienceOnline’09 – interview with Danica Radovanovic (2009)

Areas of expertize and interest Social media and Web, Online communities, Information and Knowledge management, New media, Digital Divides, Collaborative Web projects and innovative platforms, Open Source, Higher Education, Editorials, e-publishing and publishing in print, open access,  project management. LinkedIn:  View Danica Radovanovic's profile on LinkedIn For consultations, questions, thoughts, and inquiries use contact form.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”Dr. Seuss

Danica Radovanovic is a PhD candidate in communications studies exploring how social media influence on communication performances in social networks . Known as web activist and consultant in social media and web, digital media, e-learning, digital literacy, Danica pioneered the development of first listservs in academia in 90’s, electronic magazines in the early ’00, first institutional science blog in Serbia.

She writes for Global Voices Online, iCommons.org, and publishes articles and papers in magazines and journals on information technology, Web 2.0, online communities, electronic publishing.

Danica was lecturer and instructor at School of Web Journalism, as well as web consultant and creative solutions brainstormer. She is blogger since 2002 and maintains her blog on social web, information/ technology, media, culture, life at www.danicar.org.  Currently, Danica works as Information management specialist at UN, Knowledge and Capacity building dvsn, in Rome, Italy, on technology, science, semantic web, education projects.

She is PhD scholar of Oxford Internet Institute for 2009/2010. Her PhD research is focused on exploring communication practices in the social networks, virtual communities, particularly on Facebook and young adults in Serbia, in specific media and conversation practices.  She examines how young adults move between online and offline worlds.

  • UN, FAO / KCEW. Information management specialist. From March 2009 -present
  • PhD candidate in Communication studies: virtual communities, online social networks. 2010.
  • University of Belgrade, Master degree, Information science, 2006 (e-publishing, ILS, media, Communication and Culture studies).
  • UNC – NC, SILS, Alumni, Researcher, 2004. (HCI, online communities, information management)
  • City University of London,Masters, Dept.of Information Science, 2000.
  • University of Belgrade, BSc, Humanities, LIS, 1998.

Areas of expertize and interest:

online communities, communications, information management, web activism, social online networks, sci-blogging, writing, project coordinating, open source, research, editorials (editor in chief, in print & electronic) , information science, digital media, art of Organisation.

Web activist,  writer, communicator, spiritual scientist, consultant, project coordinator, creative team manager, editor in chief /editorials, researcher.  WWW -Working Wild Woman. Web activist, social online communities researcher, sollutions and creatives, inspiring e-learning processes with fostering critical thinking skills.  Activist of open source and knowledge projects – Wikipedia/Media, Linux/GNU Serbia, E-LIS, OpenSde…

Books, Moleskine and Mascara collector. Passionate about digital culture, analogue world, photography, music and nature.

My resume: —> click View Danica Radovanovic's profile on LinkedIn

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  1. Eduard
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    Dear Dana,
    Love your blog and the topics you write about. Also admire your picture site (you have the eye!) and also your favourite choices.
    All the best!
    With love,

  2. rube
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    i love your blog… and thanks for the message. i’ll see what i can do to not make my blog so terribly boring… someday. :)

  3. Bilish
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    This is an awesome blog.. i liked the topics you have selected intentionally or unintentionally for your blog posts.. very cool.. I would definitely need your advice on start blogging on my own…

    Congrats on setting a cool blog.. i really liked it…


  4. danicar
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    thanks to eduard and rube, for you bilish: everything you want to know you have under categories posts of: blogging and blogs.
    keep on good blogging!

  5. honewatson
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    Hi Danica my mums maiden name is the same as your last name.

  6. honewatson
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    Danica, I don’t know how to reply to you so I will write here again. My mums family is from Korcula. But I am born in New Zealand and live in Australia. I hope that is ok. I like your writings. Take care and keep in touch.

  7. Eduardo
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    Very interesting blog, I hope to see more topics that catch my attention, is very interesting your points of view,
    Congratulations for have a blog like this 😉

  8. Ray
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    It’s one of my favourite quotes. I wrote about it some time ago. So I just leave you with this more or less trustworthy reference of the ‘real’ author.

  9. macrobiotic
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    Hey Danica,
    I have spotted at your Twitter account about you eating macrobiotic food. Are you total macrobiotic eater or just casual? How do you like this lifestyle? Is it easy to have macrobiotic foods in your present job?

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